Mr. Connery (amadriendel) wrote in jenlincoln_hero,
Mr. Connery

New Year's Resolutions?

1) You must join the Jen Lincoln fan club.

2) Just the one, thanks.
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I Sometimes wonder which WINNIE THE POOH Character I would be. I mean, We ALL like to think that we are tigger, and the Goths want to be Eeyore, but I think in my case it is a probable race between piglet and pooh. I want to say I'd be more like Pooh, but maybe I am more like Piglet.

Or maybe that crazy rabbit on speed. Yeah, I forgot all about him for a minute.
and that owl guy, and kanga...and roo! woo...did we leave anybody else out? i'd rather not.
Did you ever see Mr. Rodger's Neigborhood ?
Now there was a cast of extas !
My personal favorite was the cat that lived in a tree, The grown man dressed like a dog ( Was this before or after the whole fetish scene ? ) And the weird, weird woman who lived in the Merry Go Round.
The trolley cart owned though. Without it, you wouldn't have even seen those other ones. It took you to the magic. Fetish or not. Ho ho!
It's a beautiful day in the fetish world, Indeed.
What would Mr. Rodger's fetish Be ?
Puppets. Puppets who dug old guys in sweaters.
Creepy, Very creepy , and 100% accurate.
agreed friend. agreed.
Go team I LOVE SEAN! Woooo!
ahw. you too!